meet mabel.

30 Sep
She’s here!
I received a phone call this morning, asking if I was still interested in Ms.Angel.  Most certainly so, I said. [Maybe not those exact words.]
I went shopping.  Bought what I thought I needed.  I thought I was ready.

She especially loves the green blobby alien toy.  It has a squeeker.  And she always wants me to take it from her but I always don’t want to – it’s wet and slimy. 

We’ve been together for two hours now.
Tell me I haven’t made a mistake.
I know things will be grand.  We just need to figure out each other’s schedules, not bite, and not jump on the furniture.  [So glad I didn’t get a puppy.  I seriously would not have the patience.]  I think it will be okay.  Once we figure things out together.

As for a name, we’re going with Mabel.  Thanks to Mrs.Kimberly for that suggestion!  [Kim called me and asked for more information on the type of dog.  “I’ll think of a name.  I’ll call you back.”  Within twenty minutes, she called.  “I think she needs an old lady name.  Sadie, Harriet, Mabel -” DONE.]  Mabel kinda sounds like Angel too so hopefully the name change will go okay.  
If you’re coming on Sunday for installation, you’ll get to meet Mabel.  I have family coming to stay tomorrow night [Aunt Kari, cousin Molly, and Grandma Julie] so I hope Mabel treats guests well.  It will all be quite interesting …

One Response to “meet mabel.”

  1. Kim October 1, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    So pretty!

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