29 Sep
[Picking up on the previous post about drugs, here’s one on weed.]
It’s kind of exciting.  I have a house and with a house comes a yard.  I have a yard and with a yard come maintenance.  I do my best but so far that best is pretty mediocre.
It was a gorgeous day yesterday so as I went home, I decided to do a few outside chores before settling into the hammock with my Kindle.  [Current read: The Girl who Played with Fire.]  I swept all the nasty dead beetles from the front and back stoop and as I walked around the side of the house, I decided to pull weeds.  I started with this one:
Does anyone know what this is?  My knowledge of weeds is quite pathetic.  I obviously didn’t know enough NOT to touch it …
Mistake.  I reached my hand down and grabbed this nasty green thing only to draw my hand back quickly.  It was like a thistle and its tiny prickers poked me.  Screw you, weed.  I walked away and my hand absolutely stung.  It stung terribly.  I walked in the house, washed my hands, and still dealt with the burn.  I did the next logical thing.
I called my mom.  She’s a nurse.  I told her it hurt and stung and burned and was kinda sorta starting to blister.  She told me to take benadryl and put hydrocortisone cream on it.  I had neither at the house.  Instead of driving into town, I did nothing and went to the hammock to read.
The burning eventually subsided.  I went about my night.  Then it started to tingle.  Much like when your leg wakes up from being asleep, there were pins and needles in my hand that would not go away.  All night.  And again this morning.  You’re mean, weed.
It has finally went away but believe me, that weed is going to die and I will pull it’s life from the dirt while wearing long sleeves and gloves.  What did I ever do to you, weed?  [Besides try and kill you?  Touche.]  

3 Responses to “weed.”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy September 29, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    Itch weed! That's what it is. Don't touch it! Any self-respecting farm girl should know that! Oh, and it is pretty common in the area so get used to it. Leather gardening gloves are a must.See you Sunday.Aaron

  2. cassination September 30, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    We call that itch weed! or burning weed!I second the comment above- any self-respecting farm girl [even the sort that wears cardigans and nuncios] should know that! …unless itch weed doesn't grow in your part of wisconsin. but it DEFINITELY grows in SEMN[also, i fear, nine west no longer makes the nuncio. …a moment of silence please…]

  3. Kim October 1, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    I once found blister weed. It looks like wild celery. It definitely leaves blisters- which leave scars. Don't eat it.

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