The Help.

1 Oct
Have you read or seen The Help?  It was my early summer book and just a few weeks ago while I was in the Cities on my MN tour [post-AAA] I saw the film with pal, Kara. [This post has been a long time coming.]  I don’t care to discuss book vs. movie reviews because we already know the answer.  [Right?  Right.]  But I think, whether you’ve read the book or seen the film or both, there’s one part that seems to stick with people.
You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.
The story line is one of African American females who worked in white women’s homes as maids, fixing meals and caring for the children.  One of the main characters in the story repeated three lines to the children she cared for every chance she got.  You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.
If only every child was told this every day.  
There was a six grader in a southeastern Minnesota community who committed suicide two weeks ago.  It makes one wonder if anyone told him this message.  If they did, did he believe it?
I suppose that’s the other part.  We can say the words but do our actions show what we say?  How do we ensure that they know they’re important, have gifts, and potential?

That’s one of the huge reasons I feel called to ministry.  To tell children that they are kind, smart and important.  To help a community share this message – to live this message – with the youth.  To guide children – and all people – in discovering their own gifts and purpose, and to point those out as I see them.

After hearing about the suicide in the nearby community, I wanted to preach to the children and youth.  I wanted to tell them that there is never anything they cannot come and talk to me about.  They are loved beyond measure and have gifts to live.

You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.  

One Response to “The Help.”

  1. Allliiieee October 1, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    I LOVED this book and movie!! You is kind, you is smart and you is important too my friend!

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