2 Oct
I’m at Paige’s in Waseca as I type.  We ate burgers with avocado at The Boathouse and now I steal her internet as she watches The Amazing Race.  The show hasn’t started quite yet – 60 Minutes is doing a tribute to Andy Rooney.  He has very impressive eyebrows.  
I left my house to the whining and barking of Mabel.  As my Aunt Kari would put it, she has separation issues.  She does not like it when I leave.  She scratches at the door and then runs to the dining room window, puts her paws on the sill, and watches me walk away.  
It’s true.  When I’m home and in the house, she’ll follow me from room to room.  If she senses that I’ll be there for a while, she plops down on the floor.  Even when I cross from one side of the bedroom to the other, she’ll switch the side of the bed on which she plops depending upon where I am standing.  To the basement to do laundry and upstairs to brush my teeth she follows.
Needless to say, we’ve bonded.  I no longer question if I made a mistake and think we’ll get along swimmingly.  To the point where I have the tiniest degree of anxiety leaving her.  We tried to put her in a crate last night while Aunt Kari, Grandma Julie and I went out for dinner and to Target.  She was in when we left.  She was out when we returned.  Whelp.  As long as she continues to chew nothing, it will be okay that she’s not in there.  Just yipping and barking at the door when I leave.  *pulls on heart strings*

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