I’ve lost it.

3 Oct
Not my marbles.  My motivation.
Mondays are always hard.  Coming off a Sunday which tires the dickens out of me [even if it is only technically half a day of work], it’s hard to get back into the office and get work done.  Today is no exception.  I’ve been in the office for an hour and have nothing to show for it.  
But it’s not even that.  I feel like I’ve lost my drive.  Not necessarily in regards to church work but in regards to life.  My world is typically filled with do-it-yourself projects, crafts, and various goals that I’m working towards.  I like to be busy.  And yet, at the end of my days here, I find myself sitting on the couch and watching dvds.  I’m not sewing.  I’m not attempting to make friends with macaroons again.  I’m not running anymore.  I would do all three of those things in any one day while on internship.  What’s the difference?
I don’t know.  Maybe I need to give myself more space for the transition.  Be more patient with myself in this time.  But still, Lindsay, it’s been a month.  It might be time to just kick things into high gear and limit myself to one episode of McLeod’s Daughters a day.  [I do love television shows on dvd.  Last night Paige offered to share her wealth of tv on dvd with me until I get proper television.  I’d never heard of the Australian drama but I’ll admit, I’ll watch it.  I’m intrigued, even if the acting is slightly to overly corny and sometimes equally horrible.  Recent Amazon research indicates there were eight seasons of this drama that originally aired in the 90’s.  Trouble.]
Maybe I need a list of goals.  Much like the seasonal lists of my blogging past.  
Yes, this sounds like a good idea.
Today’s goal: Come up with list of goals.  
Stay tuned.

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