2 Oct
I was installed today.  Much like an appliance.  Or carpet and laminate flooring.
Installation – according to the congregation members who shook my hand following worship – means that I’m official now.  It’s real now.  I’m the pastor at Red Oak Grove.
Installation meant that Larry from the synod office came to preach and do the installation portion of the service.  It meant that the service was changed to 10am to better suit the dinner that followed.  It meant that I was extra nervous and that I was lucky to have visitors representing my happy places – Aunt Kari and Grandma Julie representing from Edgerton; Mark and Karen from Stillwater; C. and family from Dawson.  It was so wonderful to welcome guests to ROG and my home.  Mabel was quite excited to meet new friends too.
I received lots of “Congratulations!” [Is that what you say to a newly installed pastor?  No one really knows.]  “It’s official now!” was heard a lot.  Hugs and kisses on the hand from C. and his sister.  I got a “Congrats, kiddo!” [Kiddo?  Really?] and many “We’re glad you’re here!”  
I’m glad I’m here too.

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