fun photos.

7 Oct
I went to the Blooming football game and stood next to this guy and his pocket friends.
I roasted a chicken with harvest vegetables and fresh thyme.  It’s decided that I love sweet potatoes. 

Jesus is My Coach.  I found these gems in a church supply catalog.  Because this is how I play sports – envisioning Jesus right next to me.  Jesus is cool, athletic, and a ball hog.

This is on the short pillar leading up to the parsonage.  I’m still not sure what word to use to describe its presence.

This is what Red Oak Grove looks like at night.  A cross on fire.  Begin debate of red cross now.  [This filtered photo can’t help but bring KKK thoughts to mind … terrible, Lindsay, terrible.]

One Response to “fun photos.”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy October 8, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    About the chicken… yum-o! You may have to share the recipe. About the cross… well, we warned you. We weren't lying.

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