9 Oct
Did I purchase the entire Dawson’s Creek series on dvd?  
[Here’s hoping I still find the series entertaining as I did when I was in middle school.  I do love dvd on tv.  And in my defense, I don’t have cable/satellite and it was less than $50 for the whole bit.]
Did I cut corners while assembling a bookshelf?  Does it look a little sloppy?
Do I drink cough syrup directly from the bottle so as not to dirty that little measuring cup?
[Still sick.  Hacking lungs, headache, and all.]
Did I drive all the way to St.Paul last night to get my hair cut by Brent once again?
[He was puzzled by my previous cut but I think he fixed it.  I trust him.]
Will I be in bed by 10:30 tonight?
[Long week ahead.]

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