14 Oct
I’ve been a delinquent blogger.  A few days ago I was all set to sit down and write the reasons I don’t like my job.  Then I got wrapped up in website construction and driving places and going to text study.  It’s been a crazy week and I don’t even know how it got there.  And these next few weeks?  Ugh.  They’re inevitably filled with meetings/conversations/lunches/duties.  I don’t think there is one day which doesn’t already have something on the calendar.  Good things – very good things.  But busy busy.
I spent my day off today with a late lunch turned afternoon adventure with Paige, jD, and Lauren.  We’re planning a vacation.  Together.  Maybe with a few others joining in.  I won’t spoil the destination or manner of transport until it’s for certain but know that it would be snowy and a place from which I wouldn’t be able to blog.  [*gasp*]  Then Paige and I went to a new-to-us grocery store to buy baby pumpkins for fall events we’re holding at our churches.  [Mine is Sunday – eep!]  We broke the revolving door.  Well, we didn’t break it but we were at the scene of the crime as we both stood in the door, stupidly, as it went no where.  
Then Mabel and I vacuumed the house because we’re expecting guests in a matter of minutes.  Joe and Amanda are slumber partying with me tonight because tomorrow we are Decorah bound for Luther College homecoming.  Five years!  I’m super excited to visit the campus and the town set in the bluffs!
But back to the vacuum – Mabel’s not so sure about this device that makes noise.  She’d best get used to it; she’s the reason I have to use it so often.  A member stopped by my door this afternoon too … and Mabel get out.  Which is okay.  She’s gone out without a leash briefly and sticks around. until today. when she ran off.  Bad Mabel.  [But then she did come back.  Good Mabel.  She knows where her home is.]

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