five years.

16 Oct
Joe, Amanda, Kara and I drove to the state to the south on Saturday for Luther College’s homecoming.  We missed the king and queen of Norway by a day or so in Decorah but we did manage to see and hug many college friends.  We arrived in our favorite Iowa city just in time for lunch at Magpie Coffeehouse, ice cream at the Whippy Dip, and continued onto campus to shop in the bookstore, wander the sidewalks, and tour the new buildings that have been built since our time as students.  Since it was our five year reunion, we also had a dinner that evening, complete with people Bingo, pizza, and needing to pull ourselves away by 9pm because this girl had to preach the next day.
We reminisced and I decided – almost to the point of a few tears – that I miss Luther.  I miss college.  We talked about how when we were students we thought our lives were busy and stressful.  I’d love to go back to the days when I had to work a few hours on the grounds crew [driving the gators, picking up garbage, watering pots, and watching Jeopardy with the old men staffers on break], eat every meal with friends, and do ridiculous things in addition to writing papers.  
Luther is simply a magical place.  A happy place.  A place of green space on the library lawn and thinking about the years I spent in various dorm rooms with awesome roommates.  It was so fun to return and remember. To check in with people I haven’t seen for years and be with other people who hold Luther in their hearts.  And to learn that Luther just recently installed a wind turbine that will cover one-third of the campus’ energy costs.  Luther is pretty awesome like that.  
A homecoming photo tour:
To help you understand the wonder that is the Whippy Dip – a peanut butter cup tornado with mainly pb cups.

Awesome bookstore book.

My freshman year room – Brandt 2nd West!

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