a fall festival.

17 Oct
About 25 Red Oak Grovers [I’m coining a new term.  Grovers is to be those of Red Oak Grove.  Not multiples of the blue dude from Sesame Street.] celebrated and dwelled in fall weather yesterday.  We began with a scavenger hunt for the kid grovers that included decorating a gourd pumpkin as they went.  From there, we hopped on hay wagon racks and traveled where Tom the Tractor Man [not his official title] drove us.  
We ended on Tom the Tractor Man’s property by the river where Tom the Tractor Man’s wife had attempted to build a fire.  It was no fire-starting disability of her own but terribly windy out today.  [I’m sensing a fall theme in SE MN.]  There was enough heat for s’mores to go along with our hot cocoa and cider and that’s all we needed.
It was a fun afternoon and a great chance for me to get to know a few more people on deeper levels.  The kids are great and I think the families are excited for more opportunities like this one.  But note to self: Be a better planner.  Invite other people to plan with me.  Don’t be forced to scramble last minute.  That was not cool, PL [Pastor Lindsay].  Not cool.

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