popular ms.mabel.

16 Oct
As Amanda, Joe, Kara and I headed to Decorah on Saturday, I had house guests both Friday and Saturday nights since my college amigos traveled in from Minneapolis and Sioux Falls.  
Let me rephrase.  I did not have house guests.  We had house guests, and oh did Mabel please.  
Joe said he would like to take Mabel home.  Even Kara said she liked my dog.  
Joe and Mabel bonded as Joe settled her.  As Mabel got a little out of control, Joe would pin her to the ground, one hand on her head and another on her hind legs, all while saying in a stern voice, “Settle! Settle.”  And she did settle.  Good girl.
She is a good girl.  I can now walk her outside as she goes to the bathroom and not put her on her line.  She was alone for a long while on Saturday as we galavanted in Decorah and she committed no mischief.  
People like her and tell me to not be surprised if she disappears one day.  
Because since she’s so darn cute and awesome, they might steal her.  

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