what’s wrong –

21 Oct
with me?
I am so incredibly tired.  
Change of seasons? [maybe.]
Less sunlight? [yes.]
Sickness? [lonliness?]
Red wine? [probably.]
Stress and anxiety? [hmm.]
Laziness? [likely.]
Emotional drain of work? [yup.]
I went to bed by 10:30 last night and slept until 7:30.  [10:30 is early for me.  I used to go to bed at midnight and be up at 6:30 with no huge issue.]  Now it’s not even 10 tonight and I could crawl into bed and fall asleep.  [Part of that may be sermon procrastination too.]
So sleepy.  
Maybe I’m getting too much sleep?  Or, like Banana Kay, I can only get an odd number of hours of sleep to be rested?  Or perhaps it’s just me seeing Mabel sleeping all the time that makes me wish I was in my bed.  

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