super fun.

22 Oct
Forgetting the sermon, the newspaper column, and care center service that looms in my Sunday, I had a super amount of fun today.  
Miss Sarah from St.Paul came to visit Paige, Lauren, jD and I.  We had lunch in Owatonna, caught up on everything, and then played ridiculous games at the beautiful people Starbucks.  A little teapot homonym action and some Spot It!
Super fun.
Krissy texted me this photo of her baby, Gavin.

He’s a gnome.  
Super fun.  [and super cute.]
I arrived home and the sermon flowed better than I could have hoped.
Super … convenient?
I baked an apple cheesecake dessert for my cottage meeting that is hosted at the parsonage tomorrow.
Super tasty.  [or so I hope.]
Now I’m finishing up the sermon, tidying up the kitchen, and will be heading to bed for an early morning.
Super sleepy.  [goodnight.]

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