28 Oct

Change is good.  I think I may grow a mustache. 

[obscure Princess Diaries II quote]
It’s how I feel.  My brain and my being need change.
Facing resistance to changing a few things in the church, I’ll change my blog.
That’s not entirely true.  I have encountered those people who say, “I don’t like change!” but I’ve also encountered those who are supportive of it.  As Linda, one of the synod ministers in SE MN would say, “I don’t want to go to the bathroom outside again.  Change is good.”
I attended a conference pastor’s meeting last week and the program was on brain research.  Our brains need change in order to function at their potential.  When I stand in worship and lead the same confession and forgiveness each week, my brain screams for me.  I need to break routine.
And so, come Advent, changes will be made.  Perhaps small and slight at first but they will be changes still.  Until then, my brain needed a little blog change too.  It’s simple and not cluttered.  The background may change with my mood [a emotion indicator a la mood rings?] and other things may go or come back. For now, it’s something new and I’m taking a liking to it.
[Blogger makes it easy though.  If you are opposed to said layout change, simply click on the far left of the top bar where it says “magazine.”  From there, you can choose to view the blog in classic view, flip car – another favorite – or in other manners.  Experiment with as little or as much change as you desire.  If only change in worship could be so catering.]

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