creative juices.

28 Oct
mmm.  juice.
I’ve been intentional to return to the crafting I love so much – the crafting I need to do to remain sane.  Attempting to be creative is one of my passions and what’s a passion if it’s not indulged?
I made a yarn wreath for the front door.  [I’ve decided I’m a wreath person.  I think I always want one on my door.  Hence, this pinterest board.]

I had a cake in the freezer now for a few weeks and decided it was time to make a batch of cakepops.  I’m due to send a few packages out; the cakepops will be included.  [I think I was cakepopped out after this summer but it was fun to return.  Have I told you that I have a thanksgiving turkey cakepop order coming up, in addition to a wedding cakepop event for next June?  Holy balls.]

I’m finally beginning to put together the quilt I wanted to finish in the month of July.  I’ve gotten to the unfortunate point when I just want to finish it to move onto the next project; perfection goes out the window.

I need to finish that quilt – or at least get to a proper pausing point – because I have a baby quilt up next!  I bought green and pale yellow fabric yesterday and hope to get it done in a couple weeks.  It’s going to be all sorts of circles.

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