a church home of many.

30 Oct
After worship this morning, I was Stillwater-bound.  My small group of ninth graders at Trinity were being confirmed and I was to be a part of it as their leader.  I stepped in to be the small group leader to four ladies in their last year of confirmation and it was only in those eight months that we meant on Wednesday nights.  They are gifted, amazing, and super polite gals.  It was fun to see them again and play a part in this affirmation of baptism.
One of my small group gals, Emma, was chosen to share her faith statement.  Yup.  I teared up.
One of the best parts of attending the service was to catch up the staff members with whom I worked for two and a half years.  Pastor Dan – the senior pastor – is ever the kind man with so many words of wisdom; it comforted me to speak with him oh-so-briefly about first call as he compared it to his in southwest Minnesota.  Musician Phil always greets me with a hug.  Youth guy, Cory, sat next to me and we cracked jokes the whole way through; I caught up with his very pregnant wife and stood in the parking lot talking about church, life, and cakepops. 
The years I spent at Trinity were invaluable to my journey in ministry.  It’s fun to return, see friends, and think about the person I was and how I’ve grown since then.  It’s one of my church homes and today, it was fun to go home even if ever so briefly.

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