pumpkins & pesto.

30 Oct
Paige, jD, and Lauren came over to the parsonage for the first time since the first night I moved in.  It was a chance for them to see the house without a first floor filled with boxes and to meet Miss Mabel.  Paige came over early so we could take a short trip down to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch.  I love pumpkin patch farms and the romanticism of the red wagons, white picket fences, and decorated barns.

jD wrestled Mabel [I’m uncertain there was a clear victor], we learned the ninja game, and there was much laughter.  We watched a couple episodes of Modern Family, ate pie, and did interior decorating counsel for Lindsay’s bedroom.  Unfortunately, it was a church night so the night ended all too soon.  Many of us still had sermons to complete … ugh.

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