Here’s what I know –

1 Nov
I made myself wait until November 1st – that’s today – to put Elf in the dvd player.  I nearly watched it last week but held off.  Now, dare I say, I’m ready for snow and to put up my Christmas tree.  [I’ve never been such a Christmas-so-early person.  People change.]  Just call me a cotton-headed-ninny-muggin.  [Elf only needs a full forty minutes of sleep a night.  Oh how I wish.]
I want to buy this water bottle.  Not because I need a new water bottle but because it’s Matt Damon holding it and promoting it for his new non-profit,  He’s my favorite.  
I painted my bedroom yesterday; photos to follow as the room comes together.  But know that I love it!
I bought bar stools to go with my bar height game table in the great room.  They arrived today via amazon and … they’re too tall.  Boo.  [Silly me to guess that a bar table would need bar height stools.  Wrong.]  Now to find someone with carpentry skills to shorten them for me?
I had two families of trick-or-treaters last night [church people] and one random guy dressed as Jason who knocked aggressively on my door at 10:20.  10:20!  I did not answer but stared at him from the peephole until he got in the car and drove away.  Needless to say, it freaked me out.  Freaked me out.  Like he really wanted two boxes of nerds anyways.
“I love you.  I’ll call you again in five minutes.”
“Buddy, you don’t have to call me again.”
“Good idea.  You call me.”
“I’m going to hang up now.”

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