love this.

2 Nov
I love this.  I will fashion my own on the macbook and print it and frame it myself.
I don’t think I carped the hell out of this diem.  It’s not even 10 and I’m exhausted.  The confirmands and I did make microwave smores.  [score.]  Mabel threw up.  I finished a baby quilt top and now I’m drawn into and addicted to season three of Dawson’s Creek.  Darn it all, Pacey Witter.  
I’ll try and carpe the hell out of tomorrow’s diem.  Promise.
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

One Response to “love this.”

  1. cassination November 3, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Ellie puked yesterday too! [at approximately 3 in the morning, as i was asleep and she was lying next to me. Don't worry- she didn't puke *on* me and she ate it… and then I washed sheets yesterday morning].just so you know, if you do make a pretty poster and want to send one my way- you can. Also, I second the being exhausted. I got home last night a little after 10, collapsed on the couch, napped watching HIMYM, went to bed & still feel just worn down today. blech.

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