thankful on paper [2].

10 Nov
It’s time to be thankful again.  Here we go.
It’s quite possible today’s thank you note recipients will read this blog before the card shows up in their mailbox.  I really should send my notes out on Tuesday instead of Wednesday …
Today, I am incredibly thankful for Grandpa Bob and Grandma Julie.  [Not to leave out dear Grandpa Sid.  I’m thankful for him too.  I sent him a letter last week about lutefisk.  It’s his favorite.  Geeps is always one for a good story and tales of his life growing up.  And he made me a coat rack and lazy suzan for my spices in my cupboard.  He’s pretty handy.]
I started to write the thank you note and quickly found that the list of things for which to thank them was too long to fit in the card.  They helped me move and they gave me a gnome for my new place.  They’re super supportive of my call into ministry. They took me out for Chinese.  Grandma sends me greeting cards for every major holiday, and always invites me to her knitting coffee group when I’m home.  I bet Grandpa would even be willing to help me make this.  [*wink*]
I especially feel like Grandma and I bonded this past summer.  I was home, jobless and – most of the time – bored.  I would stop by in town often and we would have weekly – if not twice or three times a week – phone conversations.  I could normally call it when the phone rang and I hadn’t talked to her for a couple days – it’s Grandma Julie!  There were a couple times we caught up on life for well over a half hour.  
They’re pretty awesome as far as grandparents go, along with Grandpa Sid on the right.  [Grandma will tell me she hates this photo.  Sorry, Grandma.]

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