a weekend without sermon writing means –

30 Nov
Well … first, I have to write my sermon tomorrow during my work day.  But I think it’s completely feasible!   Ideas have been shuffling about my head for a few days; they now need to find their way to the paper.  There are no meetings on the calendar for my Thursday so I hereby declare it an office day of sermon writing and ADVENTure preparing.  With a work-free weekend, I will be happy and –
I will finish decorating my Christmas trees.
I will make this for a dinner.  If only it’s the tiniest bit as delicious as the Thai pizza I had at Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage before flying home in August.  [And while we’re on the subject – remember when I drove to Alaska?  One of the best weeks ever.  I’d do it again at the snap of the fingers.  I think about it all. the. time.]
I will clean the house.
I will figure out how to check out ebooks on my kindle from the Austin Public Library.  [Currently enjoying Little Women for the first time but I’m anxious for something a little faster moving.]
I will begin my Christmas cards and shop etsy-style for gifts.
I may rent a redbox movie.  The Green Lantern, perhaps?
I will finish a batch of cakepops and deliver them to Paige for her house walk tour.  [I should probably drop a business card off with them too?  That means I need a name – help!]
I may make this to keep the backseat of my car Mabel-hair free from this point on.  [It’s pretty disgusting right now.]
I will sleep and veg an appropriate amount, along with a few rounds of cardio and yoga.  
It will be a fantastically wonderful weekend.  I can’t wait.

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