fun story friday.

3 Dec
I meant to post this yesterday.  You know – on Friday.  But the day got away from me so here is a fun story friday edition on a saturday.
First story.  I went to the Baptist church Christmas tea last week with a car of congregation members.  The program was lovely and then we had coffee/tea/desserts in the basement.  There were super polite – SUPER polite – boys [high school-ish] going table to table, serving the beverages.  One boy stopped at our table, asked if anyone wanted water, and when our table declined his offer, he BOWED and began to walk away.  Until he came back and said this to me: Excuse me, ma’m, might I say that is a very beautiful ring you’re wearing.  *bow*  [Awkward?]
Second story.  I keep a bed pillow on my couch/loveseat.  Mabel uses it like a human.  And she drools.
Third story.  Paige’s house was on the Waseca Christmas house tour.  Friday night was the preview for the home owners and their families, and the committee members.  Paige invited her local family [Lauren, jD, and I] to tour the homes.  Some of the houses were extreme to the awesome and some were extreme to the completely odd.  There were codes to communicate within our family about the atrocities we witnessed.  Lauren would say, “My sister would love that!” and jD would cough if something was hideous.  Lauren’s sister loved a lot of things at certain homes and I think jD came down with something.  There were lanterns in the 1960s pink bathroom tub and the largest Christmas village ever.  Paige has a music room in her Christmas house and so we formed a family band.  I played the accordion.
Christmas goose.
Fourth.  Paige, jD, and I go everywhere synod-related together, right?  Right.  And so we’re going to send the synod a Christmas card from the three of us.  There was a photo shoot.  Oh yes.  A photo shoot.

One Response to “fun story friday.”

  1. Elizabeth Luiten December 5, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    It's a trio of cardigans! How awesome is that?! Was that planned or happenstance . . . ?Also, the ring-admiring, bowing high school boy is my new favorite. Ma'am. Too cute. That reminds me of a story one of my high school boys was telling — a baseball team from the south came to WA for a tournament. The boys were quite confused when the concession-stand ladies asked them not to call them ma'am. They asked the boys from the west, "Then what are we supposed to call them?" The reply: "Nothing. You just leave it at 'thanks'."

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