a cemetery mystery.

19 Dec
Phone books were delivered a few days ago.  They arrived in bright yellow bags, tied shut, and flung on the ground underneath the mailboxes.  

Please help me understand why one also was dropped off at the cemetery.  
I understand the cemetery has a fire number.  Understood.  But there is no mailbox.  No office on site.  
Mabel and I took a walk to the cemetery this afternoon, joined by our neighbor dog friend, Neutron.  I debated picking the phone book up, throwing it out, thinking that would make me an environmentalist, out saving the planet.  [*cue theme music*]  But then I thought – what if there is really a reason there is a phonebook at the cemetery?  What if I picked it up and then someone came along to retrieve and had to wonder, “Where is the phonebook at the cemetery that I just came to pick up?”  Never mind the fact that it was dropped off five days ago and still sits there.
So I left it … just in case.

2 Responses to “a cemetery mystery.”

  1. Nathan December 20, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Why – there is probably someone who delivered it and was thinking, there is just one person who may need this here or it will make someone to stop and wonder, "Why is there a phone book here at the cemetery? There is probably a care taker that will take care of the phone book.

  2. Elizabeth Luiten December 24, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    Oooo — I love a good mystery!

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