this herald angel plays the harp.

21 Dec
Mystique has emerged.

Angel from the realms of glory from her box.
Here she is.
[applause?  loud gasps?  shock?  hark?  I’m uncertain of the appropriate reaction here.]
Turns out Mystique is not only 68 inches tall and has indoor/outdoor possibilities – she’s covered in glitter.  [enter vacuum]
I put her outside tonight with much struggle and many yards of extension cords.
Drive past and you’ll see her in all her glory.
In other news, I would so be at the theater tonight seeing Girl in the Dragon Tattoo if I didn’t think it would freak me out too much to come home to an empty house alone.  [Even though I’ve read the books, I think the film adaptation might freak me.]
Also.  I began listening to Tiny Fey’s Bossypants on audiobook.  Hilarious and super entertaining.
My college roommate, Amanda, and her husband are passing through Austin tomorrow on their way to WI.  We’re going to meet for supper.  At Hy Vee.  [Don’t judge.]
And, lastly, I sent this to my brother [or rather his dog] in Alaska today:

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