day by day.

2 Jan
Last year at this time, I assembled an index card daily calendar journal of sorts.  [which I learned how to do here.]  I chopped index cards in half, labeled each with a day, and put them in order in a box.  The idea was that each day, I would write down the year and something that happened that day.  [Samples: yoga is good. history test – nailed it.  freaked out about 1st call. crabby pants day – uh oh. etc.]  I had my doubts that I would actually carry it though.

Lo and behold, as we begin a new year, I start the 2012 line on each index card, underneath a 2011 line.  It will be fun this year to look back on 2011 and can only imagine what fun it will be five years down the road [if I continue]. I love stuff like this.

Any interest in giving it a try?  I have the stamp.  Just let me know and maybe I could hook you up with a set of cards … 🙂  [provided the response isn’t too overwhelming.  dividers and holder not included.]  [my dividers are simply cardstock.  holder is a ceramic fruit container from Crate and Barrel.] 

2 Responses to “day by day.”

  1. Elizabeth Luiten January 3, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    I LOVE this! I will begin tonight! Of course, I need to do a set for each if my children … I think I'll use a blank journal instead of index cards (lazy girl way), though the index cards are beyond adorable! Brilliant. Thanks for the idea. Keep this for your back pocket: when you have kids, photograph them next to an important object in your house every year on their birthday (we have them sit at the piano). It's so fun to watch them grow through these once a year pictures. I first heard about it from someone who photographed their child in an adult sized swimming suit every year on their bday

  2. Lauren January 3, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    So fun! I didn't know that's what your cute carton was! This is way easier than journaling and a fun way to remember a year. I'm so up for this!

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