a special delivery.

2 Jan
I had known it might be arriving, knowing also that I would be out of town over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday when it was scheduled for arrival.  I found this between my back doors –

My kindergarten penpal from Dawson, C., delivered a thanksgiving wreath made especially for me!  How cute and wonderful is it?!  Looking at the leaves, C. and his family have pretty much identified everything that goes on a ‘Lindsay is thankful for’ list.  It’s hanging on my wall in my dining room right now and it may just stay there through next fall.  Even more – there were awesome snowman cakepops on my doorstep – the cutest I’ve ever seen.  [It’s not just one cake ball on a stick – you know – but three stacked cake balls to make the snowman!]  I put them in my freezer and will try with all my willpower to maintain a no-sweets-January.  But come February 1st, one of those snowmen is mine!

C., I’m pretty sure you’re not reading this but I bet your parents might.  Know that there will be a letter coming your way soon!  I hope you had a great Christmas and drive back to Dawson!

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