7 Jan
Michael Scott: [to classroom of students] Paper is the future.  Write that down.
[students noisily type on their computers]
This post is brought to you by paper.
I mysteriously become a subscriber to odd magazines.  Last year, it was a magazine called Fresh Home.  I just started getting it in the mail.  In fact, I’d never heard of it.  Then a letter arrived, apologizing that Fresh Home would no longer be published and the remainder of my subscription year would be filled with Taste of Home instead.  Okay, well … great?  [But I never even signed up in the first place!  Why do you send this to me?  How did you get my name and address?  What’s going on?]  Now, all the more mysteriously, I’ve begun to receive another magazine with no clue how or why.  The second month of it arrived in the mailbox today.  According to the mailing label, my subscription to Money ends in November 2012.  [Scorecard for 1,100 funds?  Yesssss.]
I went to an ordination today.  Love me some scripture on yokes.  [And love me the art on the bulletin cover.]  Friend Sarah from seminary has been called to a church in Colorado and was ordained at her home church in Alexandria, about a three and a half hour drive from the grove.  Paige, Mabel and I made the drive.  [It was going to be too long a day to leave Mabel at home alone and my attempts to find someone to let her out were unsuccessful.  She does love car rides … so I think it was okay.]  The service was absolutely wonderful [emphasis on absolutely and wonderful] and it was great to catch up with my seminary roommate, Jeanette, and a favorite professor, Karoline.  On the way back, Paige and I met up with jD and Lauren for supper in Owatonna at the Asian Kitchen [real place] next to the beautiful people Starbucks.  Fun and fried chicken with rice was had by all.
Sometimes I think waiting until 8pm on a Saturday night is the best way to write a sermon.  [Half sarcasm, half truth.]  I sat down after arriving home, focused in with an episode of HIMYM, and kicked out a sermon in, oh, two hours.  It still needs tweaking and a conclusion but I consider it a small sort of accomplishment that I’m blogging and not frantically writing right now.  Thank you, Holy Spirit and old-sermon-from-which-I-recycled-three-paragraphs.

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