9 Jan
Have you met Blooming? [a la Barney Stinson saying, “Have you met Ted?”  HIMYM is on the brain these days.]
We’re getting to know each other.  I’ve been to the hardware store. (I’m a grown up now who must buy salt for my water softener.) I have toured the schools. I go to the library for Internet (I went today and was reminded how fast internet can be. Cross your fingers – an internet provider is coming tomorrow to do a survey and see if he can provide us with our missing link to the outside world. In fact, I blog from my phone because this wifi from my phone isn’t working at all right now. ugh.) and to the care center to hang out with with congregational members. I go over to my friends Paul and Bernice’s house. (Paul fixed my barstools. They always invite me in for coffee and treats.) I’ve had pizza and dinner at the Pizza Cellar. But my favorite place in Blooming?
The Highway Roost. Beth is the owner and she’s super. They serve sandwiches on homemade wheat bread. It’s the place to be around the noon hour, or at 9am for coffee on the first Tuesday of every month. (The pastors in town gather.)
I mourn that there is no fancy coffee supplier (like another small town i know) and that town is not within walking distance but all in all, it’s a cute little town and I’m beginning to find my way around. (And now you can’t say that I never introduced you.)

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