two goals.

13 Jan
I entered this weekend [my wkend = Friday and Saturday] with two goals.  First, to make english muffins from scratch.  Second, to give my dog a bath.  Done and [kinda] done.  It’s amazing what I can get accomplished besides/instead of that funeral sermon for tomorrow and Sunday sermon for regular worship.
I don’t know if you know this about me but I love english muffins.  In fact, I don’t buy bread.  I buy english muffins.  Love them.  I wanted to try my hand at making them from scratch and, lo and behold, they turned out.  They are, however, much more time consuming than going to the store and buying a pack.  The drinking glass I used to cut them from the rolled dough was a little small so they are mini-english muffins but just as delightful.  I may need to try it again in the future with whole wheat flour.
And second.  I talked to Banana Kim on the phone Wednesday night and she mentioned that she gives her lab puppy a bath once a month and it seems to help with the shedding.  [The shedding is off the charts on the disgusting meter lately.]  I guessed it was something I should do [We had outside dogs growing up.  We never gave them baths.  I’m clueless with this sort of thing.] even though I have her signed up to be groomed when I have to board her later this month.  I bought doggy shampoo and then tried to barricade her in the bathroom.  It didn’t turn into much of a bath because I couldn’t figure out how to get her in the tub.  Dumb, right?  Totally!  But how do you make a 90 pound dog get into a bathtub they don’t want to get into?  I gave up rather quickly and then attempted to give her a scrubdown on the bathroom floor.  Four soaked old bath towels later, she was a little bit cleaner than when we began.  She did not like it one bit so in the future, I think I’ll leave this task to the professionals.
And so, my two goals for the weekend are more or less complete and I still have two sermons to write.  I suppose my next goal should be to finish those … or to finish the second disk of season three of HIMYM?  Hmm.

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