edible bananagrams.

12 Jan
Did you know they make Scrabble Cheez-Its?  Maybe I’m way behind on my knowledge of types of crackers and should make it a point to study the cracker/cookie aisle more thoroughly, but when I saw them at the grocery store, I decided they would make a perfect confirmation snack.  Before we began our lesson, we played bananagrams with them.
After that brief, unrelated activity, we dived into our lesson.  This January, we’re all about the 10 Commandments.  To begin, we each took five minutes, a scratch sheet of paper, and wrote them in our own words.  We compiled our answers and this was our collaborated conclusion:
My favorite part?  The “urself” and “u” and “ur” and “r.”   For this, it’s cute.  [I told them text language was fair game.]  However, in regards to general society, it’s a bit sad.  I have a friend who teaches at a junior high and he says that teachers regularly get papers and homework turned in with such abbreviations.  It makes the grammar nerd in me cry on the inside.

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