a movie review.

17 Jan
[Review?  Loosely.]

This is really just me spewing about the delightful movie I watched last night because I can’t get it out of my head.  It’s one of those movies [in a good way].

I’m hit and miss with Mr. Woody Allen.  I love Scoop but Match Point wasn’t for me.  And … actually, that’s about as far as Woody and I go.  So really, we were fifty/fifty until last night.
Midnight in Paris is, as I said above, simply delightful.  Owen Wilson is adorable and his character a writer.  He spends his nights in -literally – another time, drinking with the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemenway.  I enjoyed the literary funnies and cultural details of another era.  
You should rent it, watch it, and let me know your verdict!* [please see clause below]
*Rent and watch at your own risk.  If you rent and watch and hate, no blame can be passed to gnomepreacher.  Be warned that the genre of “Lindsay Classic” [movies loved by Lindsay, too often obscure and forced upon others for viewing opportunities] is not everyone’s favorite. Gnomepreacher will not reimburse your $1.29 redbox rental fee if you are unsatisfied with the movie; she will, however, ask you what’s wrong for you not to enjoy such a delightful, cinematic dream. 

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