general wackiness.

19 Jan
My house is the location of oddities and wacky things of late.
Take my dog, for example.  I accidentally dropped an ice cube on the floor and she went NUTS.  Turns out she loves ice cubes.  Cheaper than buying milkbones, I suppose.  Today, I came home from work and found a storage container lid and paring knife on the carpet.  She took it from the counter while I was gone and, I guess, ate what small scraps of cheddar she could find.  A knife!  This dog is loca.  She has also taken a cheese grater from the counter and licked that clean.  I can’t imagine her tongue feels great.  This is all completely besides the fact that I think she might have separation anxiety.  shakes head  Did I mention she shreds toilet paper if given the chance too?
I woke up this morning and was quite warm in the house.  I didn’t think too much about it; it’s always super warm upstairs compared to down and the thermostat is set to increase in temp to 68 degrees right around 6am.  I figured it was normal.  Oh, no.  I looked at the thermostat – it was 80 degrees in here and the furnace wouldn’t shut off!  I had to push the reset button on the furnace in the basement for things to even begin to cool down.  Add that to the smoke detector that started chirping at some point during the night.  As I woke up and became conscious of it, I had two paths I could choose from – the Phil Dumphy [Modern Family] or the Phoebe [Friends] response.  I was set for Phil Dumphy but found the culprit right away; no need for the cheerleading baton.
Tonight the game table in my great room is my location, a sermon I must write before Sara comes to visit for the weekend.  [SPAM museum, here we come!]  I should mention that while I sit here, Mabel lays in the kitchen and intensely stares at me with ears perked.  No clue what that means.  Just moments before she was doing the same thing from a random location in the middle of the dining area.  She’s weird.

2 Responses to “general wackiness.”

  1. cassination January 20, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Mabel sounds like Ellie! Ellie FREAKS OUT for cheese. She even knows what the sound of the string cheese wrapper sounds like & will bolt to it. Does Mabel like rawhides? a rawhide will occupy Ellie for at least an hour- chewing away.

  2. gnome preacher January 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    Mabel received some rawhide bone deals for Christmas and I just gave her the last one this morning. I give them to her when I want her to be occupied and not at my heels for an hour! I'll need to pick up some more. What are Ellie's favorite kind?

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