kitchen adventures.

29 Jan
The month of January has allowed for fun kitchen experiments.  I’ve already bragged about my macaron success [but you should probably know that out of a whole batch of macaron batter, that was the only cookie that looked like that].  I tried a few other kitchen adventures – some were a-to-the-awesome and a few weren’t so great.  Check out the links and if you try them yourself, let me know your thoughts!
. turkey taco chili [I loved this one so much I’ve made it twice now, freezing single portions for lunches.  I love it with a little cheddar and a spoon or two of cottage cheese instead of sour cream.]
. marshmallows [made for kicks. so incredibly delicious in hot chocolate.  and I don’t even normally like hot chocolate.  I admit – I drank it for the marshmallows.]
. finnish pancakes [Sara and I ate these with a lot of cinnamon and a little powdered sugar.]
. loads of roasted veggies [sweet potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash with pepper and garlic.  so good.]
. roasted chickpeas [surprisingly so much more delicious than expected]
. fruit and yogurt rollups [I did not do the sugar step as they suggest.  I spread yogurt on low-fat tortillas, added cinnamon, and then the fruit.]
. cilantro lime rice [I did make this with brown rice and I’m a self-admitted poor rice cooker.  This might be better on a second attempt or by one who can properly make rice.]

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