working girl frustrations.

15 Feb
Work has been frustrating this week.
There.  I said it.
Nothing is really wrong.  It’s not really different than any other week.
It’s just that there is so much to do and it’s not getting done.
It’s not that I’m not working.  I am.  It’s that I want to be able to do things faster and swifter and to be able to cross them off my to-do list at a faster rate because the list keeps growing.  [And not that this is exclusive to ministry.  I’m beginning to think it’s inclusive of all adulthood.]
I feel like tasks take me too long.  I feel like I need longer to process things, especially experiences the first time around.  While I want to work and accomplish what I set out to do, more often than not I feel like my hours in the office look like this.  [Click the link for one of the best Big Bang Theory scenes ever.]
[Why, yes.  I do put my hand on my chin and play Eye of the Tiger at an higher-than-necessary volume.  At least now I will.]
Le sigh.  I know it’s just how it is.  But I know I always get to Thursday afternoon and come to the realization that I could literally work all weekend long and still not accomplish all I should.  I always get to Thursday with an unwritten sermon.  I always get to Thursday and have more things I want to create, incorporate and say for the life of the congregation.  [This week?  A giant alleluia sign or something to “bury” during the children’s sermon on Sunday.]
Oh well.  I certainly love what I do [most days] and feel blessed to be in this time and place.  [Especially when I have confirmation students who tonight begged to stay later than usual.  I consented and sacrificed the first half of Modern Family for such.]  I am expecting a new book in the mail this weekend [The Practical Guide to Patchwork] so I hope to find time to lose myself in the craft room a bit this weekend and know that I will find renewal in that.  We’ll just need to sneak in a sermon too … but really?  That surprises no one.
No one.

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