16 Feb
I guess it’s my new name.
It’s no Sunshine like Keith, the custodian at Grace in Dawson, would call me, or Sweet Pea like Harry, a congregation member in Dawson.  But I’m pretty sure I’m getting a Honey identity here.
I heard it on Sunday as I was shaking hands.  There is an older gentleman, a man, who along with his wife, is a pillar of the congregation.  He shook my hand on Sunday after worship and said, “Good job, honey.”
Okay.  Fair enough.  I’m used to nicknames.  I didn’t think a whole lot of it.
He called the church today to see if his wife had left Bible study yet.  I answered his question and we began to end the phone conversation.  I’m fairly certain he ended it with a “Thanks, hun.”
I guess Lindsay is just too hard for people.  [That’s what Harry in Dawson told me anyways.  I still remember the first conversation we had.  “What’s your name again?” he asked me.  “Lindsay.”  “I won’t remember that.  I’ll call you Sweet Pea.”]  I will admit I almost prefer Honey over a simple Pastor.  “Good morning, Pastor.”  “Thank you, Pastor.”  “You’re weird, Pastor.”  [Okay.  The last one is made up.]  Too official.  Too formal.  *shiver*  I think it’s a generational thing.
Honey it is.

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