happy leap day!

29 Feb
First, watch this for your astronomy/leap day lesson:

Second, do something abnormal.  [Uh, my life?]  Something crazy.

Me?  Well, I have my first Lenten mid-week service tonight.  We’re talking about what the Bible is.  [It’s a companion to our Sunday morning Lenten Bible study at which we had 26 people on Sunday!  Holy cow!]  So I will eat soup at the supper the precedes the service, lead/preach, and then go home.  Watching the movie Leap Year would be appropriate but I may just unpack and go to bed.  I’ve been gone in St.Paul for the last two nights at a tiring conference, talking confirmation and thinking about possibility.  
But I promise to do something crazy when the moment strikes.  You too.  Go crazy.  Go bananas.  [And then tell me what you do and we’ll compare craziness.]

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