leap, leap, leap.

1 Mar
I promised to report what crazy and absurd thing I did on leap day, this extra day we had yesterday.  Ready?
We had a soup supper before worship last night at Red Oak Grove.  I sat with a bunch of kids and challenged Justin, a confirmation student, to the saltine challenge.  [saltine challenge: the ability to eat seven saltine crackers in one minute.]  And by challenged I mean I timed him as he did it; I didn’t participate.  He didn’t quite make it, though it was an honorable effort.  Maybe he’ll practice his game this week and we’ll do it again next week.
Ross from Friends, after a long day, tells Phoebe in one episode, “I like to come home and kick back with a puzzle.  I mean beer.  Ice, cold beer.”  I’m so crazy that I did both last night.
I’ve wondered for awhile if I could be a puzzle person.  I have the perfect table in my living room and I have the perfect somewhat boring personality to enjoy such folly.  Then, this past week, I found the perfect puzzle.  It’s a Jane Austen puzzle, packaged in a box that looks like a book.  I went to town on it last night while watching the movie Leap Year from the corner of my eye.  Wild and crazy, let me tell you.  The story of my life.
See you again in four years, February 29th.

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