merry march.

9 Mar
Today was a super merry day.  
I cleaned. 
p90x cardio. 
The sun was shining. 
I sewed a blue curtain.
Mabel and I took a walk.
We ran errands in Austin.  Mabel drove.

All day, I kept thinking about everything that makes me super happy.  Here’s a merry march list:

. a clean bedroom.
. season five of HIMYM. [maybe this is why I like it so much?]
. an organized recycling station in my garage.
. hard-boiled or oven-cooked eggs.  [updated post on the matter here.]
. warmer weather.
. horse apples [horse apples, you say?  an expression of disbelief, guilt, or calling bluff.   I first was exposed to the delightful phrase while in Dawson and Ted on HIMYM just said it!]
. chocolate almond milk rediscovered.
. a subscription to Time magazine.
. thoughts of chairs and a small table on the balcony with warmer weather.  I will drink my coffee and read whilst there.
. wearing my matchbox twenty tour tshirt, knowing another album from my favorites is in the works.
. this song.
. the idea of sewing books.

It was a good day off.  Back to work with a premarital meeting, a small graveside service, Bible study prep, and a sermon to write tomorrow.  Each week my sanity remains in check if I have at least one day filled with non-work-related tasks and fun.


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