stolen wedding.

10 Mar
I met with a couple for the first time this morning.  They are getting married this summer and thus far we had only spoken on the phone.  [They currently live over an hour away but are both from the area and are getting married just down the road.]  We got together just to meet, get a few more details from one another, and chit chat about next steps.
They begin describing a bit of their wedding.  Sentences like, “It’s going to be really simple.”  “… on the farm.”  “The guests will sit on hay bales.”  “Very country.” 
Through the conversation, I’m nodding, adding in an occasional “oh for cute,” and smiling at how happy they do seem as a couple.
On the inside, all I can think in an angry tone is how they stole my wedding.
Have you not seen my if I ever get married pinterest board?  [Oh, you haven’t?  Click here.]

I guess I’ll have to go to my wedding as the preacher first.

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