ninja pastor.

15 Mar
One of my confirmation students – we shall call her E. – likes ninjas.  She was a ninja for Halloween and knocked on my door with her siblings this past October.  She says her friends like to play ninja games and pretend that they are ninjas.  [I don’t even know what this means.]
E. often sticks around a bit later than other confirmation students and somehow, last week, we started talking about ninjas.  Just by chance, I snapped this photo of ninja facts from a bathroom wall back in the fall.  I thought it was humorous.  And a bit odd to be hanging in a high school ladies’ bathroom.
I pulled the photo up on my phone and started reading them off.  E. and I bonded over ninja facts.  Can you email that to me? she asked.  Sure.  Email it to my mom.  Okay … but I made E. promise to tell her mom that it would be arriving in her inbox and that it was E. who requested it.  Yeah, I’ll tell her.

I emailed it to E.’s mom the next morning.  I received a response saying that she would pass it on and that E. had told her it would be coming.  Good.
I saw and chatted with E. last night after the Lenten service and meal.  I asked her about the ninja email.  I printed off like three copies and gave them to my friends.  I told them it was from my pastor.  They didn’t believe me.
I don’t blame them.  Pastor Lindsay: the pastor who knows as much about ninjas as she does about Noah.  Rightfully weird and unbelievable to the average seventh grader.  [but secretly proud of it.]

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