my cup.

20 Mar
There are likely people much more articulate on the subject, but sometimes we can think about our life as a cup.  There are things and people and tasks that fill our cups which lend to energy and joy, and there are things and people and tasks that take more energy and drain our cups.  At times, our cup is overflowing.  Other times, we run on empty.  It’s an exchange of energy and resources, and the only constant in my cup these days is wine.  [see what I did there?]

My cup is running pretty low.  It’s seems work these days is filled with more tasks that drain instead of fill my cup.  I worked every night last week and it’s looking like tonight will be my only free evening this week.  [Last night, I was at an annual meeting for the nursing home on whose board I serve.  Unbeknownst to me prior to the meeting, I was nominated and elected to serve a full three year term.  Here I thought I was just filling the chair for this year.  Wrong.]  Writing two sermons a week drains me; I’ve lost all creativity and must locate it again pronto.  Holy Week is fast approaching and so are services that need to be planned, bulletins that need to be made, and more sermons need to be written.  I have promised myself lately that I will stop complaining as much as I do so I’ll stop there.  It’s for the best.
There certainly are things that are filling my cup too.  If there weren’t, I’d be a complete walking void at this point.  I had a sleepover with my synod and Stillwater friend, Karen, as she bunked at the Mabel Manor because of late-night and early-morning work commitments nearby.  I had a sleepover at Paige’s with Mabel; we ate fish and roasted veggies while watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey.  I’m sewing my way along on a quilt, learning how to free form quilt with my latest new presser foot, and drinking delicious iced coffee.  And, after the dose of rain we got yesterday, the grass is green.   I’ve check out many gardening books from the library to learn about growing broccoli and herbs.  Happy first day of spring. 
And though my sermon on Sunday was pretty much the worst ever, the children’s time during worship was redeeming and awesome.  We’ve been collecting food for local food shelves during this MN FoodShare month.  There is a shopping cart in the narthex and by golly gee, it’s pretty full with still one Sunday in the month to go.  During the children’s time, we measured how much food was in the cart but not in terms of pounds.  We measured with the local ROG unit of measure – aisles.  We lined the food up and down the center aisle in the church and determined we have one and half aisles of food.  The challenge this Sunday is to bring in another half aisle.  It was super fun.
So that’s that and why the blog has been sparse the last week.  An empty cup means few stories and little energy.  I’m hoping to find time to rejuvenate and rest and fill my cup this weekend.  The dream [as always and yet to be realized] is to have the sermon written by Thursday, though this weekend isn’t completely free with a pesky board meeting on Friday afternoon and a First Communion class on Friday evening.  sigh.  Lent is busy.  Who would have guessed?
[As my friend, Megan, said: Only every pastor.  Ever.]

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  1. Elizabeth Luiten March 21, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    I totally gave you an air high five today . . . about 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. (7 pm your time.) Did you feel it?

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