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31 Mar
I began my day by sleeping in.  Then I drank coffee, watched that John Cusack 80’s classic Say Anything  (I think John is just behind Matt on my list of favorite actors.) whilst trying my hardest at the New York crossword puzzle.  [I’ve started subscribing to magazines and I’ve decided that I’m happier and more informed because of it.  I love opening the mailbox to find TimeReal Simple, and New York. Also just subscribed to Minnesota Monthly.  Now I just need to hold out for an ipad so I can read them digitally and not kill more trees.]  I wrote my little mini sermon for tomorrow and I feel I’m ready for worship.  I plan to quilt, cook a nice dinner, and be in bed early tonight.  It’s a good day.  What else is going on in life?  I’m so glad you asked.
This was left on my desk left Sunday.  The rumor is out – I want to learn to garden.  Pressure is on but at least sisters Anna and Lacey are on my side.  Anna is, oh, probably six and Lacey is the three year old who loves pink and shyly says, “Hi, Pastor.” over and over when I’m around.

Last night was part two of first communion instruction.  We ate together with their families, baked communion bread, and played a first communion game show to test their knowledge [kids vs. parents]. These kids are great – seriously great.  I wish my job was to work with them all the time!
Remember this device?  I use it to cut the bottoms off eggs.  I empty them, sterilize them by boiling, and on Thursday I dyed them.  Next step: coat inside with chocolate, fill with candy and viola – homemade kinder eggs.  [Also, the egg topper device was featured here, on this blog which I gather is written, in part, by Pastor Clint, the former pastor at my home congregation.  I’ll be honest – I’m not sure I understand much more than that.]

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