new goal.

2 Apr
Flirt with the parking ramp guy at Mayo in Rochester.
I’ve been back and forth to St.Mary’s a lot in the last weeks.  Lots of people in the hospital for long periods of time.  It’s about an hour drive there; another hour back.  [huh. funny how that works.]  On the way there, I typically blast music and lose myself in the cornfields.  [not literally.]  On the way back, I write blog posts in my head.  But I digress.
Parking ramp guy.  St. Mary’s.  Flirt.  Right.
The last couple times I’ve been to the hospital, it’s been the same guy working in the booth where I hand over my ticket and he presses the magic button that raises the possessive arm so I can leave.  He’s in his 20s [I don’t trust myself to single it out any further than that.] and wears his little parking ramp vest.  Oh, the vest.  I’m not saying I really like him or anything; I’m just saying it might make going to Rochester a little more of adventure.  
Today I pulled up and he said, “Hey.  How’s it going?”  It was no how you doin’ all Joey style but it was the most we’ve ever spoken.  [whoa.  is that a sign?  #thingswomensay]  I do wonder if I can use Friends as my basis for flirting.  Phoebe, the masseuse, feet flirts with a client.  She knows that as she is giving him a massage, the only part of her body he sees is her feet.  She paints her nails, wears toe rings, etc.  She’s smart.
So let’s think about this – how does one car flirt?  I could write flirty messages on my parking ramp ticket but that seems a little much.  Display my gnomes more prominently on my dash?  That’s probably a little creepy and very much like voluntarily flying a giant red flag for him to see.   And that’s it. I’m out of ideas.  I guess mr.parking-ramp-attendant and I aren’t meant to be together.  [not that I ever thought we were.]
For hopeless.  [you don’t even know the half of the for hopeless.]
I hope you realize this is all an incredibly long and drawn-out joke.  Pastor Lindsay doesn’t flirt.  psssh.  Don’t be so silly.  
But if you have any more ideas for brilliant car flirting in a thirty second window of time, let me know. Really.  It will be a great social experiment.

2 Responses to “new goal.”

  1. Emily April 2, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Your business card! Give him your card and write a cute note on the back! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Also, I sent you a direct message on Twitter. Hope we can hang out and trade pastoral flirting advice soon!

  2. cassination April 4, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    …what's the over/under on his awkwardness compared to red-headed starbucks barista. that doof still makes me smile. hahahaooooh, you could bring him coffee!

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