10 Apr
I’ve waited.  And dreamed.  And waited.  Finally, the day is almost here.  Tomorrow.  The day when I can once again watch my television shows online, peruse google reader, and send an email in less than five minutes.  Oh, the glorious day.
Tomorrow is it.  The internet comes tomorrow.  There are lots of expectations and there has been lots of time to think about what the day will actually be like in the last seven months of mediocre to poor internet.  I’ll spell it out for you according to movie genre.  
Here’s how the day would go if my life were a romantic comedy:
Last time Daniel, the internet man, was here, he cracked a grammar joke.  [I always say humor is the way to my heart.  Make it grammatical humor and that’s the fast lane to my love.]  He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring either.  I imagine him walking in, and I tell him that he’s my favorite person ever.  [That might actually happen.]  He sets up the internet, cracks another grammar joke, and is intrigued by my pastoral charm.  He asks me out.  I say yes and blush.  ps he drives a truck.
If my life were a horror movie:
Daniel comes.  It starts to storm with crazy rain and lightning.  Because of the weather, he cannot set up the internet.  Oh, the horror.
If my life were a documentary:
It would be hand-held camera style with likely much footage of Daniel explaining to the camera how his type of miraculous internet works while standing on the roof.  I would be near-by, soaking it all in, likely wearing my cleric collar to maintain all clergy stereotypes.  There would be an interview of me, probably sitting in a church pew with the altar in the background, sharing my feelings and woes of life with no internet.  When the internet is set up and works properly, the church would have a hamburger feed.  There would be balloons. 
If my life were a foreign film:
There would be subtitles, a la llamas in Monty Python.
In real life? 
Stay tuned.  The story will be told tomorrow.
Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  

One Response to “tomorrow.”

  1. Elizabeth Luiten April 11, 2012 at 1:29 am #

    You are adorable. Love it!

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