mediocre drama.

11 Apr
It turns out getting internet is like a mediocre drama film.
No romance, horror, or documentary.  But there was a little comedy as Daniel, once again, used the word comma as a spoken part of a sentence and not just as a squiggle on paper.  I love grammar humor.  Oh, Daniel.  [Who, I realized, reminds me totally and completely of prom date and friend, Timmy.  Totally.]
He arrived, along with his assistant/girlfriend/truck passenger.  Dashed romantic notions aside, they went to work.  Walking on roofs, pulling cable, and climbing up tall ladders, eventually a cable made its way to the router.  The. church. has. internet.  Praise Jesus.
My house, however, does not.  Putting aside some questionable ethics, we’ll wait and see if a wireless booster does the trick.  If not, well, I’ll wear my sweats and bring a blankie to church to watch The Office, season seven, of which I have seen no episodes.  [woe to me, right?]
Mediocre drama it may be.  Hopes both realized and dashed.  The outcome positive but not the best case scenario.  No hearts broken but no love found.  But truth is, I’d watch this mediocre drama any day.  And now with fast internet, I can stream it online.
Ticket, please.

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