how to make dinner.

13 Apr
With the return of high-speed internet comes the return of google reader and easy access to my favorite blogs with recipes, sewing tutorials, and ideas.  It feels good to be back.  I found this entry in my feed – Ten (Super Rad) Blog Post Ideas.  Challenge accepted.
Post #1: A how-to.  I thought for a long time today about what I could show you how to do.  Sew a curtain?  Eh.  Make cakepops?  Done.  [See the Cooking Pastor tab.] How to wear sea foam green sunglasses and not look silly?  I bought a pair last night on a whim and I still don’t know the answer to that.  Then I figured I had to make dinner anyways. I now present to you my first blog post idea challenge.  [Disclaimer: I don’t take this one seriously.]
How to make dinner.
Step the first: A recipe is good.  I chose a chicken risotto with asparagus from one of my favorite cookbooks.  I have only ate risotto a handful of times and never attempted to make it.  I like trying new things so here we go.  Risotto night.  [You may see in the photo that the recipe is to have saffron in it as well.  I learned today that saffron is super duper expensive.  Like $17 for a small jar expensive.  My risotto has no saffron.]
Step two: Turn on the radio.  Lately, I’ve been choosing dance/pop music as my favorite.  Turn it up louder than your mother would ever allow.  [Sorry, Mom.  It was loud.]  Dance and sing obnoxiously.  [Sorry, Mom.]
Step three: Follow the steps in the recipe.  That meant that I chopped, shredded and stirred a lot.  A lot.  I blame the lack of photos on the necessary constant stirring.
Step four: Eat.  I paired mine with a strawberry/egg/goat cheese spinach salad with a blackberry ginger basalmic vinaigrette, and a really cheap white wine.  It. was. delicious.  The risotto was better than I expected [but that doesn’t say a whole lot – I keep expectations of my cooking fairly low so as not to end the night in tears].  And it’s a mighty good thing I did enjoy it because when you cook for one, there is a week’s worth of left overs.  Now I know what I’ll be eating all week.
There you have it.  Now you know how to follow a recipe in a cookbook.  You’re welcome.
Coming up soon – blog post idea challenge number two: Inspired by!

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