new acquisitions.

13 Apr
My local MN family and I have all acquired lots newness in our lives in the last weeks. Allow me to explain.
Paige bought an iPad. Lindsay is jealous. Kindle fire? Check.  iPad? Check.  A smart tv with apps?  Check.  Internet at her house?  Check.  A room decorated in a safari theme? Check.  Paige has it all.
Lindsay purchased a treadmill at the cost of more than a couple iPads. It hasn’t arrived yet but come the 23rd of April it will reside in the awkward empty space between her living room and entry way. She’s excited.  Friends in Montana and Washington recently bought treadmills and they tell her she won’t regret the purchase.  That’s the hope.
And, at the price of infinite iPads, treadmills, and smart tvs, jD and Lauren welcomed their bundle of joy to the world. Elliot Griffin was born on Wednesday. Paige and I went to visit on Thursday night, bringing Chinese food along for the new parents. Adorable doesn’t even begin to set the scene. I was so in awe of the little peanut and his button nose that I didn’t even take any photos. Just imagine one of the cutest babies ever. That’s Elliot. And this is his “Auntie” Lindsay signing off. Good night.

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