a day off.

8 May
It’s been more than a couple weeks since I’ve had a complete, full day off and I’ve been a bit bitter about it.  And so today, I did no work.  It was the most wonderful, extraordinary day ever.  I look forward to doing it again soon – that whole not working thing.
I reorganized my craft room and sewed a curtain.
I displayed many of the instagram prints I ordered a couple weeks ago.
I made a batch of iced coffee.
I made my bed – actually made my bed.  It’s been weeks.
I ate a delicious supper of salmon and roasted broccoli.
I updated the firmware on the router in the office. [say what! I surprised myself.]
I discovered how to get internet in my house.  [three cheers for that one.]
I bought a roku and it is changing my life as I type.
I’m about to make scones to take to text study tomorrow.
I ran errands in Austin.
I assembled individual jars of cold oatmeal with strawberries.
Seriously.  This day has changed my life.  Yesterday, just knowing I would have a free day put a spring in my step.  And then today … lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  Alas, back to work tomorrow but then I’m just three short weeks away from a week of vacation.  I might count the days.

One Response to “a day off.”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy May 8, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    We're big fans of the paper-chain countdowns in the Ulland house. We usually count down to a holiday, so we use appropriate colors, but you *YOU* could really jazz it up, I'm sure.

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