meet cleo.

12 May
Cleo the compost bin.
He’s come to live in my yard and decompose banana peels.
I had a startling revelation a couple weeks ago about how much I throw in my garbage that doesn’t need to be garbage.  Fruit peels.  Broccoli stems.  That half a bag of spinach that inevitably gets pushed to the back of the produce drawer.  Egg shells.  Coffee grounds.  [Plus seventy more things listed here.]  No need for all those things to go in a dumpster and take up space elsewhere when I can feed it to Cleo and have him go to work.  [Plus people tell me of the glorious soil that will be Cleo’s creation.  My thus far fictitious garden will be happy.]
I was beyond excited about this venture until my bubble was burst.  I learned that snakes like to live in such compost bins.  
I don’t do snakes.
I’m now about 56% beyond excited, 40% anxiety regarding possible snake presence, and 4% terrified to ever open the compost bid lid.
This will be more of a growing experience than I ever imagined.

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